Slope-sides of ‘Paradise’

Johnny Sudekum, Writer

Let’s all take a moment away from talk about the now smokeless Bailey/Howe steps to get hyped about something that actually matters: ski and snowboard season.

Vermont greeted UVM students with lava-like weather for the first week, but ever since it has been colder than a witches tit, as my man Holden Caufield would say.

What I’ve heard from folks and professors is this winter is supposed to be rugged, predicting a lot of snow. While I take what an English professor has to say about weather as awkward small talk, my hopes are soaring.

Although we’re all super stoked to get real pitted this winter, let us not forget what we learned from those Snickers commercials, you’re not you when you’re hungry.

It never hurts to know a couple of road stops on the way back from a day of spread eagles. While Martha Stewart probably wouldn’t be super stoked over these places, it doesn’t matter. Paula Deen is better anyway.

As you roll into Sugarbush’s Mount Lincoln, a small mini-market is planted to your left. To the untrained eye, it’s a little pit stop where you can get a snack. But to those of us who know better, this place is Paradise.

Paradise lives up to its name. One bite of their Philly cheesesteak sandwich and you’ll find everything you’ve ever searched for. As a plus, Paradise allows customers to make their sandwich dreams a reality.

If you’re the kind of skier who likes long lift lines, expensive meals and condominiums then you’ll probably be looking for food stops after skiing Stowe.

It really isn’t a full day of skiing Stowe without a stop at Cold Hollow Cider Mill for cider donuts and jams.

While these donuts look plain and simple, they are warm and delicious. Be forewarned though Ñ they’ll land you straight from the car seat to the toilet seat.

If you’re shredding Bolton Valley, On the Rise Bakery is worth kicking your boots off.

From bagels with veggie cream cheese to pizza that anyone can get hot and bothered for, this place is worth it. If thereÕs time, stay for the live music at night.

There it is folks. Have a great ski season. You can’t go wrong with any of these places, because letÕs face it, they’re all better than the Grundle.