Speaking in favor of sexy feminist costumes

Spare Rib


Autumn Lee, Staff Writer

Women in leotards, bunny ears and fishnets, freezing. Men, legs covered, dressed in something humorous or maybe as a superhero. This is Halloween weekend on a college campus.

Halloween is my favorite holiday; I start counting down days way in advance.

What I really like about this holiday is dressing up in costumes. I start planning them usually around the first of November. I’m talking a full year before the next Hallow’s night.

Being in a costume allows me to be someone else, even if it’s just for an evening.

Costumes let you get away with being something out of the ordinary, perhaps even out of the socially acceptable.

Costumes that are sexy are appealing for that reason. It’s a breath of fresh air away from mom jeans and baggy sweaters–not that I don’t love those too.

Halloween as a kid meant dressing up and going door-to-door begging for candy in your Party City costume, with your equally decked out friends, and your parents hovering on the sidewalk.

As young adults, that’s no longer the socially acceptable way to spend your holiday. Yet, we still long for that nostalgia and and reach for it by putting a more adult spin on our Halloween attire.

Students might not trick or treat in disney princess or superhero costumes anymore, but add some alcohol to their candy and remove some fabric from that costume and you got a certified college Halloween.

As a teen girl, I was obsessed with the sexiness of the costumes in the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The movie, made in Britain in 1975, features characters who cross dress, those who are scantily clad or wear sexy punk outfits, according to IMDB.

Going to showings during Halloween allowed me to dress in a way I wouldn’t usually.

My go-to is always Janet, with a white bra, a slip, and fishnets.

Though I and others take Halloween and Rocky Horror as an opportunity to pull off that sequin corset top, sexy Halloween costumes have always been a point of controversy.

Many girls face the negative connotations that come with dressing sexy for the holiday.

Even though girls are told what they can and can’t wear, nights like Halloween still come with policing of the body from societal norms.

This leaves many girls in a dilemma between letting loose on Halloween and choosing modesty just to get respect.

For some, dressing sexy on Halloween allows you to be something you’re not most days of the year. Instead of repressing, it’s about expressing.

Others may dress in sexy costumes because they feel they’ll be kicked to the curb by others or not get any attention.

For some girls, being attractive when going out on Halloween isn’t the first thing on their minds.

Violet Radoncic, a sophomore, prefers costumes that are funny and fit a theme, she said.

Some might prioritize warmth and comfort over appearance.

According to Weather Underground, Friday and Saturday have nightly temperatures in the low 40’s, not perfect weather for short skirts and low cut tops.

Beyond personal preference and chilly limitations, a big problem at hand is the lack of choices when it comes to buying Halloween costumes.

According to DoSomething.org, 90% of costumes in the women’s section can be labeled as sexy.

With more options, women would have more freedom to make the choice that they want, and really use the opportunity that Halloween provides to be something of their dreams.

If big corporate stores don’t fulfill the non-sexy needs of a broader audience, homemade costumes are an alternative.

This year, I’m taking the sexy route.

My boyfriend and I are making Die Antwoord costumes, a quirky, skimpy South African musical group we both like.

In a time where my newsfeed is constantly filled with politicians policing my body, I need to forget for one night. I’m excited to dress as my favorite hip-hop group, booty shorts and all.

No matter your choice this Halloween, don’t ridicule other women for their costumes.

If they’re a bloody jilter bride like Cady Heron in Mean Girls, or a sexy bunny like Regina George, every girl deserves respect, no matter what they are showing.