Spring break options for girls (and guys) who don’t want to “go wild”

Julia Wejchert

If you type the phrase “spring break” into a Google image search, the pictures that come up play a little like a bad teen television show as they depict a certain spring break experience: people in bathing suits, on the beach, partying.

Some University of Vermont students may choose to go to spring break “hot spots” this year such as Cancún and Florida, but other students are taking the time off in a variety of ways.

One way to spend spring break is to travel and volunteer with UVM’s Alternative Spring Break program.

This year, according to ASB director Colin Downs-Dudley, twelve trips are going to different parts of the country, the furthest being Oakland, Calif., to do service related to six “social justice themes,” such as environmental conservation and inner city education.

“It’s very affordable and it’s a great way for anyone to meet some new people and get to see the country,” Downs-Dudley said.”

“The typical Cancún partying thing, not everyone’s into that. It’s a great alternative- hence the name,” he said.

Some of the students interviewed are using this spring break to travel, even if not to a sunny spring break hub.

Senior Dylan Snyder said he is spending the break “going to Montana and Colorado and going fishing and skiing,” while junior Brent Eastman is “going to California with my sisters to see as much of the state as possible, with no money,” he said.

Sophomore Dustin Snyder is “going to a Bruins’ game down in Boston,” and first year student Alyssa Kropp is spending her spring break in Spain, visiting a friend, she said.

Still, hot, sunny places have their pull for some.

Amy Green, a junior, is “going to Florida – Ft. Lauderdale,” she said, while first year student Hayley Clayton also plans on spending her spring break on the beach.

“I’m going to California with my roommate Cindy,” she said.

“[Spring break] is going to be so much fun, especially since we get to leave all the snow behind,” Clayton said.