Stout’s so thick you’ll think it’s a milkshake

Another great pick from The Oskar Blues Brewery in North Carolina: The Ten FIDY.

This is a strong imperial stout that is sure to leave a lasting impression.  This high-grade beer comes in four-packs and does some damage to the wallet. At roughly $15 per four beers, I recommend this beer only to those who are true fans of the stout This incredibly flavorful beer must be  drank out of a glass and poured to ensure a nice head of foam.

With stouts and porters, the general rule of thumb is to pour into a glass that is concave and has a big mouth. This unbelievable stout when poured, is so thick and solid in color, it almost could be confused for a chocolate malt heavy on the chocolate syrup. But that chocolate flavor hides the 98 this beer scores on the International Bitterness Unit scale. At a whopping 10.5 percent alcohol by volume, on an empty stomach you will feel one of these.

The good news about these adult milkshakes is that they are indeed quite filling, so you’ll probably be set with just one or two. Drink more than two of these and you’ll need to add a few extra reps in the gym.