Stretching toward finals

With finals week looming, we are all getting ready to bunker down in our favorite library study spot.

Use these quick mobility tricks to keep your back and legs from getting too stiff and to give yourself a break from those books.

The Couch Stretch

Get on all fours and position your foot against the wall behind you with your toes pointed up and your knee on the ground (the laces of your shoes should be touching the wall). Keep your knee as close to the wall as possible while keeping an upright torso. You should feel a stretch through the front of your hip flexor. Spend about 30 seconds to a minute in this position, and do this two times on each side.

The Quad Stretch

Standing on one foot, grab your other foot with whichever hand feels most comfortable. Raise your other hand over your head and push your hips forward. Like the couch stretch, you should feel a stretch through the front of your hips.

Work Standing Up

The more you sit, the tighter your legs and especially your hip flexors will get. Staying in this position with your hip flexors shortened will make it harder for them to stretch when you stand. By doing work standing up, you will keep this from happening while increasing blood flow through your entire body.

Sit on a Ball

By putting yourself on a wobbly seat, you are forcing your core muscles to work to stabilize your body.