Students advise class

Questionnaires, high school students and Spanish all filled campus Nov. 5 when Burlington High School students flooded UVM’s campus as part of a social learning initiative. As part of the initiative, students in the UVM class Spanish 052 met with high school students to discuss UVM and college goals, all in Spanish.

“It was really fun because I had opportunities to advise them and tell them what the near future is like from my perspective,” sophomore Molly Sargent said. “It was just a good experience.”

UVM students created a survey and asked questions such as, “Do you want to come to UVM?” class instructor Lourdes de Dios said.

“We also are trying to promote UVM,” Dios  said.

Each student in the class was paired with a high school student. Their relationship formed through an introduction letter, which was previously sent to the high school classroom, followed by various out-of-class meetings at coffeehouses or on campus, Dios said.

“It was cool because a lot of us aren’t from here so to get to know the high school students from the local area is cool,” junior Sara Casey said. “I ended up going to one of their soccer games; it’s like a little mentoring thing.”

Students from the area like Sargent, a Jericho-native and Mount Mansfield High School graduate, thought the project was rewarding.

“I am actually from the area so it was interesting to relate Burlington High School to my high school,” Sargent said. “It was really fun interacting with someone who is five years younger than me, but it feels like I was their age not so long ago.”

The UVM class also gave the high school students a tour of the University. As a result of this project, Dios said her class learned that a lot of the BHS students want to go to college and are interested in UVM.