Students finagle fall fashion in spite of heat


Libby Camp, Staff Writer

Late September is usually full of cool air, crisp leaves and cups of hot coffee, but a recent wave of heat has caused all things fall to fall out of favor.

According to Wunderground, Burlington experienced a high 92 and an average of 76 degrees this month which are strangely summer-like temperatures for the official start of autumn.

Not only has the weather prevented the transition to hot pumpkin spiced beverages and fuzzy blankets, it’s affected the way students dress too.

“I like to wear pants, so this sucks,” sophomore Adam Slamin said.

Instead of pulling out sweaters and wool socks, UVM students are breaking out bathing suits to take a dip at Leddy Beach and putting on shorts to beat the heat.

Students who came prepared for the cold have become a bit desperate when it comes to their clothes and fashion.

I have like four or five outfits with shorts, so I’ve just been recycling the same ones over and over,” Slamin said.

According to Slamin, the heat has been a bit of a let down. “I moved up north because it wouldn’t be hot, but now it’s hotter than it was this summer,” he said.

Students also expressed concern over the cause of this mid-autumn heat wave. “I’m tired of all these natural disasters and we’re still not doing anything about it,” sophomore Kristen Brown said.

“I feel think this should be a hot red flag. Yo, this is Vermont and it’s almost October and it’s 90 degrees out, that’s not normal,” Brown said.

It’s no surprise that climate change is on students’ minds with “sixteen of the 17 warmest years in the 136-year record all [having] occurred since 2001,” according to NASA.

However, students are not letting the weather get in the way of their fall fashion planning, Slamin and others are excited to bust out their fall staples to show off around campus, he said.

While there are some similarities that seem to run through UVM fashion trends, such as flannels, boots, and Dickies brand items, a look around shows that each student has their own style.

Brown enjoys wearing “good thigh highs, denim jackets, and just a lot of plaid,” she said.

According to Brown, thrifting seems to be the name of the game in finding fun, affordable pieces for your closet.

Places like Goodwill, Battery Street Jeans, and Savers are all popular for student shopping. “[Saver’s] always has those embroidered Venice Beach t-shirts,” first year Luke Gelinas said.

One place to find your fall fashion is at clothing swaps, events where friends or community members bring items of clothing to swap with each other.

“It’s a great way to upcycle,” Brown said, “and it’s cheap! You just swap your clothing for your friends’ clothing.”

As far as fashion inspiration goes, it seems that UVM students don’t have a single point of reference. Gelinas enjoys skate culture and Young Thug, whereas Slamin tends to like a more indie-rock vibe.

If your clothing creativity is falling flat of the fall fashion standard, a quick google search brings articles like “10 Ways to Rethink Your Fall Wardrobe,” from Elle Magazine and “Hipster Fall Fashion,” boards on Pinterest to the rescue.

No matter the sudden burst of fiery fall weather, UVM and its fashion diversity are ready to herald in the harvest style, Russell said. “I also like pumpkin pie.”