Students gather for a marathon of creative writing

Words echoed throughout Brennan’s Pub Tuesday, Oct. 19 as teachers, students and spectators alike participated in UVM’s second annual Writer’s Marathon. The Writer’s Marathon was one of many events taking place between Sept. 29 and Oct. 20, including Word Up Art Day and a lecture on John Dewey, according to the UVM website.  The Writer’s Marathon was sponsored by the National Writing Project in Vermont and the College of Education and Social Services Student Advisory Board.  The event helps with the National Writing Project’s mission, “to help teachers throughout Vermont [with writing],” co-director of the National Writing Project in Vermont Geoff Hewitt said.  On Oct. 19, the official National Day of Writing, students wrote in response to the writing prompt “From my window.” “This gives you an idea about how important words, communication, and languages are. We use words for everything,” adviser for the National Writing Project Doug Boardman said. “It’s good to show that English isn’t boring.”  Throughout the evening, students walked up to the microphone and shared their poetry and prose. Hewitt offered advice to students when it comes to both writing and performing: “Nervousness is good; it means that you care.”  Although the National Day of Writing is over for this year, events, however, can be found throughout the writing community. Dug Nap, local artist and participant in the Writer’s Marathon, holds a Poe Jam every other Wednesday at the Firehouse Center from 8-10 p.m.