Students mean business with partying

While most party-goers are content to just attend the party, in the spring of 2010, three UVM students decided to turn a profit on their partying. Juniors Caleb Atwood and Brad Opsahl, alum Brady Lee and University of Connecticut student John Daley began a T-shirt company — I’m Partying — with the mission to bring out the party in everyone. The T-shirt company “came out of nowhere,” Lee said.   With the idea to start up a T-shirt company to make some extra money, Lee called Opsahl and suggested, “We should just make a shirt that says ‘partying’ on it,” Lee said. Lee’s idea transformed into I’m Partying, LLC. I’m Partying first printed 500 T-shirts that read I’M PARTYING in block letters across the front and began selling them at last year’s SpringFest held on the CBW Green.   Since then, Atwood has been selling T-shirts at other campus events as well. Last Friday, I’m Partying sold the shirts and stickers at the Ski and Snowboard Club’s first general meeting. “Now we have thousands [of T-shirts],” Atwood said. The group chose an accepting market for their start-up.  “It was such a good idea to start this on a college campus.  I feel like this is somewhere where you get kids who are ready to party all the time and that’s unique to college campuses,” junior Xana Raymond said. The group tried the idea out on their friends first and received the response they were looking for, according to their Facebook page. “All of our friends have been pretty supportive,” Atwood said. While college students are their target market at the moment, Opsahl said that he thinks the T-shirts have a relatable message.  “It’s ‘I’m Partying’ no matter who you are and how you do it,” Opsahl said. Atwood added that even his little brother has a T-shirt. The three said that they are impressed with the T-shirt company’s quick success.  “Its kind of cool when you just see some random person with our shirt on,” Opsahl said. “I’ve seen [the T-shirts] on people all over campus,” junior Gianna Vannelli said. The T-shirt company’s success is not limited to UVM’s campus, however.  “I’ll go visit a school and bring T-shirts,” Atwood said.  “I sold some at the Kid Cudi concert in Middlebury [in May].” Atwood said he plans to visit the Princeton University campus later this semester. Atwood said that they are looking to add new designs and possibly sweatshirts and pint glasses into the mix, but for now they are trying to get their name out there before they expand. As of now, the T-shirts are available on the company’s website,, which goes live this week.