Students reflect on the little things this semester

Spring semester at UVM means we must say goodbye to fall and adjust to new routines – namely the freezing weather that engulfs Vermont every year.

With winter now in full swing, the Cynic asked students, “What are the little things that help get you through the winter?”

Junior Michaela Hooper said staying warm is the most important.

“A lot of leggings and blanket scarves. And boozy hot chocolate,” she said.

Sophomore Bela Bogdanovich agreed that transitioning to warmer clothing helps make bearing the cold a bit easier.

“I like hats with fluffy pom poms,” Bogdanovich said. “But besides warm clothes, coffee in the morning – always important.”

Junior Matt Ganci said his scarf helps get him through frigid temperatures.  

“Let’s be honest, it’s all about flannel thongs from the Vermont Flannel Company,” sophomore Leigh Scaglia said, laughing.

Besides the switch to heavier clothing and extra layers, winter sports and other outdoor activities are popular among students.

“Skiing is easily the best part about winter,” said sophomore Stephanie Fox, who added that she got her ski pass to Stowe this season. “I’ve been skiing for awhile now and look forward to going every weekend.”

Whatever little thing helps UVM students survive our long, terribly cold winters, there is something helpful for everyone.