Study abroad: housing in England versus in America

One of my biggest concerns about coming to Newcastle, England was housing.

It’s only three months, but three months can feel like three years if you have the wrong roommate. Plus, living in University Heights for the past two years has left me kind of spoiled.  No other dorms on campus are that nice. Heck, half the apartments I’ve been to aren’t that nice.

So what was my living situation going to be like in another country? Would they be shoebox (R.I.P.) tiny? Or would they be set up like Harris Millis, where even after orientation and two years I still can’t get to my friends’ rooms without a GPS?

Here in Newcastle there are three types of accommodation.

Standard are typical rooms equipped with a bed, desk and wardrobe. Then there are washbasin facilities, which is a standard room with a sink.

Then there is the Holy Grail, an en suite room. In en suite rooms, you have your own private shower, toilet and sink.

All of the types of rooms are flat-style, which means that there is a shared kitchen/living room area for all the people in the flat, regardless of what specific type of room you have.

Also, no one has a roommate. The concept of roommates is so foreign to my British flatmates that when I tried to explain it to them they were completely baffled.

I have a shared living space where I can hang out with my flatmates and cook my meals but have my own private room, where I don’t have to worry about anyone using my bathroom or wonder whose hair is clinging to the shower wall.

The one thing that isn’t ideal is my location.

Being four metro stops away from campus means my building is basically the Trinity Campus of Newcastle.
Although according to my sister, Trinity isn’t a terrible place to live.