Style Files: farewell, fashion friends of UVM

 It’s almost that time of year again. The time where classes end and finals start. When we watch — or possibly participate in — the Naked Bike Ride and wave in sheepish surprise at the people we know. Most importantly, though, it’s the time where we embrace those lazy, hazy days of summer.Unfortunately, the Style Files won’t be here to offer our biweekly help, as Cindy is graduating and traveling to England, and Katie is spending a year abroad. But don’t fret dear readers; remember that we’ve given you the tools you need to develop your own great style.  Let’s review some of our all-time favorite tips:Accessories can make or break your outfit. The right pair of earrings or colorful scarf can take your outfit to another level.Don’t be afraid.  It’s OK to experiment and step outside of your comfort zone. If it looks good, then go for it.Make sure those jeans fit right! A well-fitted pair of jeans makes your look work better than ones that are too tight or too baggy. Don’t be so quick to shun jeggings, either.Don’t follow hearsay fashion tips. Black and brown actually go pretty well together.Be yourself and have fun!                       To all our loyal readers, we love you and we thank you.  To all our haters, we suggest you take a trip to the mall.In either case, we hope you were able to influence your daily wardrobe decisions.