Take your workouts outdoors

The sun is out, and the days are longer. If you’re like me, you spent the winter working out inside and can’t wait to get back into the fresh air. Unfortunately, running shape comes slowly and goes quickly. Use this 8-week training plan from Runner’s World magazine to get off the treadmill and onto the pavement.


Beginner                Intermediate             Advanced


Monday:                                     1.5 miles                      2 miles – Easy pace               3 miles – Easy pace



Tuesday:                                     2 miles                       3.5 miles – Easy pace            Hills – 2 miles – Easy pace



Wednesday:                  Cross-train or rest          Cross-train or rest                      3 miles



Thursday:                                2 miles                                    3.5 miles                                    6 miles



Friday:                                         Rest                                            Rest                                         Rest



Saturday:                                 3 miles                                     5 miles                                      8 miles



Sunday:                           Cross-train or rest        Cross-train or rest                       Rest