The choice of one less can benefit your overall health

More often than not, our lives come down to little everyday decisions rather than monumental, life-changing ones.

That is why it is usually the combination of these little decisions that decides the direction we are going.

Bentley University’s Choose OneLess program uses this idea to motivate college students to choose one less drink per night or to go out one less night a month.

This is done in hopes that it will result in one less hungover morning, one less missed class or one less embarrassing text message.

The OneLess program gives us something else that we can apply to the rest of our lives.

Focusing on small, manageable decisions keeps us from getting overwhelmed with all of the things we may want to change in our lives. This way, we can concentrate on one thing at a time.

We then have the opportunity to create habits we can stick to and that will benefit us in the long run. So while it’s perfectly fine to have fun in college, be careful.

And maybe one night, stay home with some snacks, hot tea and, of course, Netflix instead of going out. Or if you do go out, have one less drink than you normally would.

These small decisions may lead to something different and hopefully better.