The clean-crisp taste of a patriotic pale ale

Dale’s Pale Ale, brewed by Oskar Blues Brewery, is a patriotic canned beer that is sure to turn you into a lover of pale ales.

With a crisp clean flavor, the ale has just the right amount of bitterness to its aftertaste that it 
doesn’t distract
 from the true 
taste of the beer.

It has a full pale ale taste of hops – light enough to quench your thirst. This leads the beer to be what I call an “easy drinker.”

A pale ale is a good way to acquire a taste for hoppier beers, like Sixpoint Brewery’s Resin or The Alchemist’s Heady Topper.

Both of those beers have a strong aftertaste that really requires some getting used to if you’re not already into that type of brew.

If that’s the case, a less hoppy, clean tasting Dale’s would be the way to go. My advice: be careful when drinking a six- pack.

With a 6.5 percent alcohol by volume and a 65 on the international bitterness unit scale, those 72 ounces will disappear before you can say “blueberry pie.”

And for all the earth conscious people out there, Oskar Blues Brewery has placed three recycling reminders on their cans.

As a personal lover of the pale ale genre, I can say that Dale’s Pale Ale is one of my favorites.

Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale, the breweries signature beer and another one of my favorites, is neck- and-neck with Dale’s for the position of my personal favorite.

Oskar Blues Brewery has two locations, one in Longmont, Colorado and another in Dr. Brevard, North Carolina, according to the breweries website.

The Colorado location began brewing and canning Dale’s Pale Ale in 2002, according to the website.