The debate surrounding the creemee

Junior Abigail Howlett said she had no idea what her friends were talking about when they invited her to get a creemee her first-year at UVM.

A Massachusetts native, she said always called it soft serve.

“Creemees are the bomb,” sophomore Mara Carini said. “The black raspberry twist is pretty stellar.”

Soft serve likely originated as ice cream stored at a slightly higher temperature, but by the 1950s, companies began creating the unique mixes we know as creemees today, according to Seven Days.

“I’ve been told the mix is made with a thicker milk,” said senior Kate Fitzgerald, a server at Ice Cream Bob’s, located near ECHO museum.

Ice Cream Bob’s has been around for 13 years.

They use chocolate and vanilla mixtures from Saint Alban’s and add in maple syrup and black raspberries to create their flavors, Fitzgerald said.

But not everyone, especially out-of-state students, are comfortable with the unique name.

“It’s stupid,” sophomore Katie Pfefferle said. “I’ve actually never had a creemee here because I want a soft serve.”

Sophomore Lily Gewirz said she likes creemees but finds the name to be odd.

“It has a weird sexual connotation if we’re being completely honest,” Gewirz said. “I think the two ee’s in the spelling  are off-putting.”

Junior Ian Danforth said Vermonters should get it right.

“It’s called soft serve,” he said.

Even some native Vermonters appear to be confused.

“I do get people from southern Vermont who don’t know what [a creemee] is,” Fitzgerald said.

But some individuals, like junior Dan Calano, are happy with the creemee name.

“I grew up calling them creemees, I didn’t know they were called anything else until the seventh grade,” Calano said.

Regardless of the tension over whether or not the term is “wrong”, creemees seem to be a popular treat in Vermont,  as suggested by their Facebook community page boasting over 9,500 likes dedicated to the creemee.

“I never have a bad day serving people ice cream,” Fitzgerald said. “No one is ever sad getting ice cream.”