The feeling of being done


There seems to be a term for every bad thing that could happen in college which makes it sound cuter than it actually is.

The “freshman 15” is glamorous compared to the reality of eating full pints of ice cream in one sitting and not even considering going to the gym.

For those of you like me, you might be hearing yourself use the term “sophomore slump” jokingly with acquaintances you don’t know any better than you did when you met two years ago.

It feels like you’ve experienced everything downtown already and don’t have the energy to pretend like hiking to a party inappropriately dressed for the weather, half-buzzed, with people you hate is a fun night out.

Instead, you take quiet solace in the fact that you – hopefully – have made close enough friends to blow it off and sit in your room watching Netflix, a truly beautiful night.

At the same time, classes are becoming more serious and it seems like what you’re studying is actually a permanent career path you have now chosen to pursue until you die.

You wonder, “Do I actually care enough about research to understand how to properly cite sources? Should I become an artist because I can make weird sketches that make people uncomfortable? Am I seriously reading a textbook telling me that a successful public speaker isn’t fat because it distracts the audience?”

What you have here is a well-rounded education, with all the essential facts of life.  

To top this off, I have that internship downtown at a gallery nobody visits, where I sit and listen to records while my boss and I discuss the true horrors of our hometowns and how we were able to struggle and come up victorious once settled in Burlington.

Meaning at the age of 19, I am able to completely relate to the life of a middle-aged, married man with kids who works as a part-time pastor.

However, whenever I choose to not be a difficult person, I actually realize again how young we really are and how lucky we are to live in such a great place at this time.

It’s important to remember there’s always a lot to look forward to and that you can make the choice to be happy with what you’re currently doing.