The importance of Sibling Relationships


One of the first things I like to find out when getting to know someone is the relationship they have with their siblings.

There are obvious products of relationships with siblings, like someone’s selflessness or reactions to conflict.

It basically forms everyone’s baseline social abilities.

I’ve always been impressed when people have close relationships with siblings or speak of them in the same way they would any of their friends.

Observing such close relationships and realizing their importance led me to start spending more time with my sarcastic, brilliant older sister.

Melina is three years older than me and is currently working in Boston as an eco-analyst.

That is the word that I’ve made up for what she does because she majored in both engineering and environmental sciences and I’ll never know or care about what her job really is.

After graduating from Dartmouth last winter, she has seemed to find herself with more free time and no idea how to spend it now that she is free from the confines of a rural New Hampshire town.

Now seems like the appropriate age to stop fighting with your siblings and befriend them already.

Your sibling is the only one you can discuss the weird individuals who are your parents with. And, your sibling is the only one you can somehow demand huge, nearly unreasonable favors from, like when they need help packing up their apartment to move, despite living in an entirely different city.

They  convince you that working together at a canoe camp every summer is the best move to make for your future career and lifestyle aspirations.

Either way, siblings are going to be there whether you like it or not, so it seems like a good idea to befriend them so there’s one less person that you hate forever.