The Last Steering Column

You probably never thought the day would come, but I’m afraid a bittersweet moment is upon us.  That’s right.  UVM’s favorite biweekly automotive piece has reached its conclusion.And since there doesn’t seem to be any more nerdy car fanatics clamoring for my job, that means it’s curtains for The Steering Column.I know what you’re thinking: “Where will I get my fix of indignant rants about Chinese car parts or loquacious accounts of what barf inside a motorcycle helmet smells like?”By that I know you mean, “Great automotive news” and fear not, I have an answer.Just as much as you can’t get enough of my intellectual prose, I can’t get enough writing it. So I’m taking The Cynic’s little-known automotive blog “RoadRoving” that I created and evolving it into a super sweet website devoted to the comedy of car culture.I even bought a fancy URL, so as of about a month ago you can access and get the same quality blathering you’ve come to love in “The Steering Column” online at a cool address.Give it a look, I think you’ll appreciate the differences between the column and the website pretty quickly.  At not only am I the principle writer, I’m also editor, illustrator and videographer.So you can expect more updates, more potty mouth and more pictures, including zebras riding motorcycles, on than you’ve ever seen in The Steering Column.The idea is to provide automotive news updates as often as they happen, and keep you apprised of my misadventures in motoring in the meantime.  You can also look forward to automotive event coverage, original video content and hopefully some interesting accounts of the mechanical projects I undertake.Over the next few months I’ll be co-driving to Yellowstone, restoring a rusty old Italian convertible and breathing new life into an aging motorcycle, all of which will be covered in detail on the website.Yes, the site will be peppered with pictures of female celebrities in bikinis to shamelessly drive traffic.  And yes, that plan has been working pretty well.But I’m hoping people will stay for the content, even if they show up for the pinups.So thanks for reading, it’s been a great few years writing The Steering Column and I hope there’s at least one person out there who would admit they’ve read it.  It’s been an honor to contribute to The Cynic and I thank all my editors for the opportunity.Don’t forget to check me out on, your new source for great reads about cars, bikes and everything nice.See you on the road.