The pink pedal challenge

On May 23, sophomore Ty Bereskie and three other college students from different universities will begin a 3,100-mile cycling expedition from Pottsville, Pa. to Los Angeles, Calif.  The purpose of their journey is neither adventure nor recreation, but instead for curing breast cancer.”It all started out in one of my friends’ basements over winter break,” Bereskie said.  “We wanted to do something different than what we normally do, something for a charity. “The three other students, Travis Brown and John Anczarski from the University of Colorado and Nicholas Gober from Pennsylvania State University, have all encountered the grief that results from the illness.”Cancer is something that affects all of our lives in some way,” Gober said.  “I’m positive we can make it through this together and help fight this terrible disease.”Their route takes the tour between the border of Ohio and West Virginia toward Kentucky, to get on the Transamerica Trail.  They then will go through Colorado to southern Arizona, traveling along the Grand Canyon and into California.”No doubt, the Pink Pedal is going to be a challenge, but I’m glad it gives me the opportunity to give back to a cause that affects so many people,” Brown said.Bereskie and his teammates are trying to involve more Burlington residents in fundraising within the next month. “We’ve been raising awareness in many different ways — news stations, radio shows, newspapers,” he said.  “But we are trying to reach out to the UVM community more to raise awareness.”University of Vermont students are supportive of this charitable deed.  First year Kat Pokrandt has dealt with breast cancer in her family and applauds their efforts.  “I think it’s really respectable that four college students are doing so much to help fight breast cancer,” she said.The team is finding many sources of donations.  Several different companies, including Vitamin Water, State Street Bikes and Twin Six Apparel, are sponsoring them, Bereskie said, and all donations are going toward the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.As well as giving back to the community and raising awareness about breast cancer, these four students’ main goal is demonstrate the power of the individual.”One thing that I really want to get out of this is to show people that normal students like us can do extraordinary things,” Bereskie said.  “Anyone can make a difference.”