The points problem and some savoury solutions

Johnny Sudekum, Writer

Let’s be honest, at this point in the semester we could all use a couple dozen more points. Upon swiping our cards we do everything in our power to avoid making eye contact with the green numbers appearing on the screen, accompanied by that fateful word: low.

It’s unfortunate, but are we to blame? The occasional smoothie from the Marche shouldn’t be a sin, yet it is when we consider the dent it puts on our point count.

While I’m neither an English major nor a math wiz, the maximum meal plan for those who choose points remains at 1,366 with 25 blocks. With almost four months in the fall semester, it seems only natural that a student runs out before the deadline. 

With the heat of finals coming up, the timing of point shortages couldn’t be more brutal. If we are to avoid a week-long diet of Brennan’s popcorn and the occasional bite-size candy bar from a club table outside the Davis center, the answer is to seek outside sources. 

To avoid having to spend our own money at on-campus dining, it’s a good idea to consult the barrage of deals in the coupon books handed out earlier in the semester. 

While options from this book may consist of chicken wings and Leonardo’s Pizza, it’s a solid option. Might be a good idea to invest in toilet paper, too.

For the student who wants to put all those years watching Martha Stewart to the test, City Market offers a great source of food that is both local and fresh. While this isn’t the cheapest option, it offers food that you can eat and prepare on your own time.

The final option that I only just recently discovered is the hidden gem that is “Al’s French Fries.” 

Going to Al’s is like taking a step into the ’50s. This place conveys the nostalgia of an old-time diner, offering a classic burger and fries. 

Satisfying your bank account, the ’50s is also reflected in their price level. At Al’s you can get a burger and fries for about $4. Yay

Hang in there everybody. The end of the semester is almost here, meaning finals will be over, and, more importantly, we’ll all have fresh stacks of points on our Catcards.

Life is good.