The search for a roomate: finding a family that fits

The beginning of sophomore year means thinking about the dreaded junior year living situation.

It’s still a year away and you haven’t figured out why you hate your current roommate, but it’s fine.

Before roaming the streets of Burlington looking for a new abode, you have to figure out who your housemates are going to be – thankfully, I’ve done just that.

The idea of living in a house with this crew is the closest I’ll ever come to living out the plot of a Wes Anderson movie, so I’m happy.

While my characters don’t have the attitude of Margot Tennenbaum or the aquatic skills of Steve Zissou, they still create a scene. There’s Maddy, the sarcastic and cynical member who stoops down to about 5-foot-3-inches. In any given conversation with Maddy, she’s bound to make pop culture references or mention something she read in Chaucer, which no one ever seems to understand.

Maddy introduced me to Paul sometime last year.  Everyone who knows Paul agrees they hated him when they first met him.  Somehow over time you realize Paul is sort of cool.  He has chosen to whole-heartedly throw himself into the Burlington real estate scene.

Since we’ve started looking, he has hated every house with reasons like, “I didn’t like the way I felt like I was slanting while inside.”  we literally crossed off a potential house for this reason.

While living with Jessa, I expect to find her relaying whole-hearted life advice to anyone who passes through.   She will undoubtedly also be eating Oreos, wearing cheetah print dresses, listening to Fleetwood Mac and laughing at bad jokes on the Internet.

There’s Nico, who has been known to accidentally take things that are not his.  He likes discussing theoretical situations and having “philosophical” conversations until 4 a.m.  While he’s not doing that, he works at a guitar shop in Williston.

And then there’s Brent, who was once arrested for selling drugs (but has since stopped) and wears a new trench coat every day.

I know I’ll be spending the most time with him for the sake of a well-maintained adrenaline rush and practically non-existent danger.

As for me, my roommates will have to be patient while I chuckle over the jokes that I choose to keep to myself as well as my almost crazy morning attitude.

I very much look forward to living with this “Breakfast Club” group of weirdos and creating new memories.

Stayed tuned, UVM. It’ll be a wild ride.

Note: all names of people involved have been changed.