The weather outside is weather

Johnny Sudekum, Writer

The other day I saw Andre 3000 and he said Johnny, whats cooler than cool?

Naturally, I told him ice cold. In a rebuttal, I asked Andre whats cooler than ice cold? Andre was stumped until I showed him Burlingtons weekly weather forecast.

Its been cold. Real cold. Beards are freezing over within minutes of being outside and the air we breathe fogs our glasses.

Even turtlenecks have been spotted to combat the onslaught of bone chilling, sub-zero degree weather.

A wise woman once told me: Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what youre going to get.

While I do understand everyones frustration, this isnt one of those mystery chocolate boxes. This particular box of chocolates is one that lays out the rules of the game in bold print.

As Catamounts, when we accept enrollment upon our admittance, we fulfill that role for roughly four years.

We are going to experience a heavy dosage of Phish, an absence of college football and temperatures cooler than ice cold.

When put in perspective, compared to last winters heat wave, this years weather is a blessing in disguise.

I can recall running through campus, mid-winter, trying to get to class before I was drenched by rain.

While this winter to date has fallen short of our expectations, we still havent gotten the splashing and crashing rain that decimated our previous winter.

I really do respect those people out there who struggle to deal with the seasonal cold weather found in Burlington.

Contrasting to what we see within these frigid months, Burlingtons Summer is one of warm weather, beach days and popsicles.

Everybody loves popsicles and constant sun, but if you desire these luxuries on a consistent basis, Florida may be the better-suited place for you.

This is Burlington, Vermont. We eat Ben and Jerrys Vermonsters for breakfast while driving to the mountains where thin cover skiing is the norm.

Rather than fight the weather upon us, lets embrace whatever comes our way.

Meatheads ski productions recently released a movie entitled No Matter What.

While the skiing in this movie shreds some considerable gnar, the philosophy behind its title resonates most strongly.

No matter what, as UVM students and inhibitors of the great maple state of Vermont, it is our right of passage to take whatever weather comes our way with good strides.

Be there powder, let there be dominance in snowmen and ski tracks.

Be there rain, may the slush skiing be ever in your favor.

And in the case of arctic-style temperatures arriving in Burlington, put on an extra scarf or two and carpe diem like no other.

Weather is weather. Life is good.