They’d Rather Die Enormous Than Live Dormant

For anyone who has doubted the strength of Roc-A-Fella records in the past, this summer has definitely made y’all feel real stupid.

Kanye West lit up both the clubs and the headphones of backpackers with banger after banger.

The Young Gunz came with the heat rocks on their solo debut, “Tough Luv”.

Jay-Z (despite apparent retirement) performed with Phish and formed plans for a new record and tour with pedophile R-Kelly later this year; in-house producer Just Blaze remained one of the most in-demand producers in the game, and Cam’ron and the Diplomats laced MTV daily.

The Roc is definitely in the building. For years Rocafella records has been crafting a label which holds down the east coast harder than any other. With the death of many pseudo-underground labels such as Rawkus and Loud, Jay-z, Dame Dash and Biggs (the founders and owners of the Rocafella family) have created a rap label filled with both chart-friendly pop/crossover rap, and grimy hardcore rap.

This combination has led to both billboard chart success and a remaining street credibility that other major rap labels such as Bad Boy gave up on years ago.

The South Philly residents State Property (headed by Beanie Sigel, arguably the most talented rapper in the game right now) and Cam’ron’s Diplomats released both hot solo records (In the case of the Young Gunz and Jewelz Santana) and blazing crew records in the last year.

N.O.R.E, M.O.P., and the newly freed Old Dirty Bastard (now Dirt McGirt) keep the streets listening with hot new mixtape releases, and hopefully, new solo records soon.

Meanwhile, Kanye West and Jay-Z have everybody rocking. My little sister, punk kids, hippies, and nearly everyone else under thirty knows and likes at least one Jay or Kanye song. And even my mom recognizes “that man who dates Beyonce”.

Jay-Z’s new upscale sports bar, the 40/40 club, is one of the most sccessful new clubs in NYC.

Your 37-year old aunt may even buy you some Rocca Wear or State Property gear this Christmas, not because she knows what’s up, but because they sell that shit at Marshall’s. To all those purist rap fans who hate on the Rocafella family, remember that your favorite artist may very well be on the label very soon.

They’re fully focused man.