Tiny Thai worth the drive

Tiny Thai delivers authentic flavors and a casual dining experience to make one great meal.

This small, laid-back restaurant in Winooski strives to replicate how Thai food is actually enjoyed in Thailand.

The space itself is appropriately “tiny,” but manages to seat a lot of people. However, it can get quite busy with its large base of regulars – expect a wait if you arrive around dinnertime.

Tiny Thai specializes in common dishes found in street food carts and on dinner tables in Thailand. They recently created a new “Genuine Thai Menu,” which offers authentic Thai dishes in all their spicy glory.

Little peppers are printed next to items to denote the level of spiciness, but most dishes can be adjusted to one’s liking, making the food much more approachable to those averse to extreme spice.

Pad thai is a popular classic and a good benchmark for comparison. Tiny Thai doesn’t disappoint with a perfectly sweet, salty and savory sauce combined with chewy noodles, plump shrimp and crunchy bean sprouts.

The massaman curry is also an exceptionally flavorful dish. This slightly-spicy coconut curry is filled with shredded beef, carrots, big chunks of potatoes and topped with peanuts. The vegetables are perfectly cooked and paired well with the nutty spiciness of this warm and comforting curry.

Tiny Thai also has a BYOB policy, so you can bring your favorite beer or wine to go with your meal.

Tiny Thai is perfect for all types of adventurous eaters. Whether you’re looking for great Thai classics or something spicy you’ve never tried before, Tiny Thai will satisfy your craving for something different.