Tips to avoid spring sniffles

Spring has – kind of –sprung, and for a lot of us, this means allergy season. Trees, grass and weeds are to blame, and if you need to beat the snuff this season, use these tips.

1. Shower before bed.

Allergens (hello, pollen) that have collected in your hair and on your body should be washed out before you jump between your sheets so they don’t irritate you all night.

You’ll wake up feeling much better.

2. Steam, steam, steam.

 Inhaling warm air can “flush out mucus and moisten dry nasal passages,” according to Try breathing the steam from boiling water.

3. Take off your shoes.

Leave them by the door so you aren’t tracking allergens through your house. If you have a dog or cat, wipe off their coat when they come in and out.

4. Eat some honey.

Since bees use pollen to make this sweet treat, you may be able to gradually build up a tolerance to its irritating effects by eating a little honey everyday.

Although there isn’t a ton of scientific evidence to back up this claim, it is worth a try.

5. Close your windows.

You may want to let in the warm air you’ve missed all winter, but with this air comes pollen.

6. Spicy foods work in a similar way.

Chili peppers, wasabi, mustard and garlic may help clear your sinuses.