Tips to survive the heat

The temperatures are rising, and it is going to get hot fast. Use these eight tips from to stay safe while you exercise in the heat:

Get hydrated

Getting enough water not only before, but also during your workout is very important. If you are going on a long run or hitting the gym for a longer session, make sure to bring water and take a sip at least once every 15 minutes.

Protect your skin

If you’re going to be outside, avoid a nasty sunburn by lathering on the sunscreen.

Looser and lighter is better

Lighter colors reflect light instead of absorbing it and looser clothing promotes air flow so you don’t overheat.


Your electrolyte and salt levels will drop as you exercise.  If you are going to be exercising for a while, it may be as easy as bringing a few salt packs. If you just need to replenish your body, grab a sports drink after an intense workout.

Pick the cooler hours

The hottest times of the day tend to fall between 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wake up early to beat the heat. If you’re not a morning person, throw on something reflective and hit the pavement when the sun is setting.

Choose the shade

It may go without saying, but when you have the choice, get out of the sun to give your body a break.

Check the weather

Some days it may just be too hot to safely exercise in the heat. If this happens, some some air conditioning  or opt for a lower-intensity workout.

Listen to your body

Dizziness, intense fatigue and nausea are all signs of dehydration. If you experience any of these, your body may be telling you to take a break.