UVM community reflects on Dairy Bar

Only alumni may remember, but before the Davis Center, there was Carrigan Hall and the UVM Dairy Bar.

The Dairy Bar operated from 1950 to 1995 and served sandwiches, coffee, ice cream and other dairy products, according to the UVM Foundation website.

The Dairy Bar was in Carrigan Hall, which was demolished in 2006 so that the Davis Center could be built.

“I was a big fan of the Dairy Bar,” professor Elaine McCrate said.

The Davis Center’s Chikago Landing, in front of The Marketplace on the second floor, is designed to be a replica of the old Dairy Bar.

It includes seven counter stools from the original bar, according to the spring 2006 issue of Vermont Quarterly.

The Chikago Landing was funded by a group of alumni donors to “make sure that some key vestiges of their old hang-out were preserved for future generations of UVM students,” according to the UVM Foundation website.

The Dairy Bar was run by students until it was no longer sustainable due to budget cuts, according to the UVM Campus Treasure website.

“I loved it,” alumna Catalina Vial, class of ‘88 said. “Great homemade ice cream with fresh ingredients all from UVM farms.”

Carrigan Dairy Science Hall was also home to offices, laboratories and a milk bottling plant, according to the UVM Campus Treasure website.

In an interview with the Cynic Jan. 21, English professor Sean Witters said he missed the UVM Dairy Bar.

“We should bring the Dairy Bar back,” Witters said. Sophomore Zoe Anszperger said she agrees.

“Anything that makes it easier to get ice cream is a positive,” she said.

Whether the Dairy Bar would be able to come back is a separate question.

“It would depend on costs, and whether somebody is learning something by running it,” McCrate said. “It would duplicate Ben & Jerry’s now.”

When the Dairy Bar closed, the ice cream making facilities at Carrigan Hall were used as a test kitchen by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, co-founders of Ben & Jerry’s, according to the UVM Campus Treasures website.

There is now a Ben & Jerry’s in the Davis Center, where Carrigan Hall and the Dairy Bar once stood.

There have been no initiatives to bring back the Dairy Bar as it once was.