UVM dining serves up new food options

Being stuck with a meal plan doesn’t have to mean a lack of dining options.

Melissa Zelazny, general manager for Sodexo at UVM,  mentioned some of the newer options, including Green Roof Deli located next to the Ben and Jerry’s in the Davis Center, SoYo Frozen Yogurt and the Vermont Bean Crafter Vegan station in the Marché.

“We are excited about the variety of local options that will be available on campus,” said Zelazny. Skinny Pancake will also be opening up in the former Alice’s Cafe in early October, Zelazny said. As for dining plans, UVM offers both unlimited dining options and point retail locations.

Students on an unlimited plan have all-you-can-eat access at unlimited dining locations and either 100 or 325 retail points, according to a pamphlet put out by UVM dining. Those who choose a points plan get 1,366 points along with 25 meal swipes.

Point retail locations include Brennan’s, New World Tortilla, Ben and Jerry’s, Henderson’s Cafe, the Marketplace and Waterman Café.

“I just choose [where to eat] based on proximity,” junior Leori Binyamin said. “Redstone Unlimited is my favorite because of the comfy seating.”

For first-years, things are a bit different. They must use an unlimited meal plan. There are three unlimited options on campus: Cook Commons on Central Campus, Harris Millis on Athletic Campus and Redstone Unlimited on Redstone Campus.

Redstone Unlimited includes Food on Demand, where students can put a specific food order into a kiosk and are paged when their meal is ready, according to the UVM dining website.

For night owls, Harris Millis offers late-night dining Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10:00 p.m. – 1:30 a.m. First years also recieve  complementary eco-ware tags to take food items in resusable containers.   

First-year Desneige Roy said her first meal at Harris Millis was “okay.”

“It wasn’t a home cooked meal, but it wasn’t bad,” she said.

Avery Muzikar, a recent graduate, said he ate on campus for all four years of college.

“Harris Millis is reliable quality,” Muzikar said. “[Redstone Unlimited] is a flighty temptress: occasionally spectacular, mostly good, but once in a while, it’s god-awful.”

Junior Lauren Porell said she’s excited about the Skinny Pancake and Wow Bao for new vegetarian and vegan options.