UVM Gets the Vote Out on Campus

Think you cannot vote in Burlington because you are not from Burlington or Vermont? Not true, as a student at UVM whether you live on campus or off campus you are considered a resident and therefore have the right to vote.

To register you have to be 18 years old, and if you have previously registered to vote in another state that registration becomes void.

Also if you are not sure what party you want to support, or if you don’t want to support any party that is okay because when registering to vote in Vermont you do not have to register with any particular party.

Unfortunately, if you have not registered to vote by now you’ll have to wait until next year to cast your vote because the deadline for registration was October 26.

Senior Nick Gottieb said, “It is important to be a part of the process, people who say that their one vote doesn’t count don’t take into account that a lot of single votes add up.”

Voting takes place on November 5, from 7:00a.m. to 7:00p.m. There are seven voting stations, one in each ward, and you must vote in the ward that you live in.

The seven stations are: Ward 1 Mater Christi School 50 Mansfield Ave, Ward 2 HO Wheeler School 6 Archibald St., Ward 3 Lawrence Barns School 123 North Ave, Ward 4 St Marks Community Center 1251 North Ave, Ward 5 Burlington Electric Department 585 Pine St, Ward 6 Edmunds Middle School 275 Main St, and Ward 7 Lyman Hunt School 1364 North Ave.

Why should you go out and vote? Peter Sande, Champlain College student, said, “Elected officials have a lot of influence on issues that affect college students in Burlington, and voting gives students some say in who makes those decisions.”