UVM looking to ease the stress of applying to college

For many students, the process of applying to college can be challenging.

UVM is working to change that.

UVM has joined the Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success, a group working to help make the college application process easier for all students.

“UVM joined the coalition because the mission of the coalition — access and success — mirrors the mission of the University of Vermont,” said Stacey Kostell, vice president for Enrollment Management at UVM.

Over 80 other colleges and universities in the country are part of CAAS, according to a press release from University Communications Sept. 30. country] didn’t go through the same process I did and didn’t know how to help me,” sophomore Jessica Tjong said. “I found applying to most schools really time consuming and complicated,” she said.

Included in the plan is a platform that will be free to students and will be used to create a more engaging and stress-free application process as opposed to the current process.

“Our goal is to recruit, enroll and graduate the country’s most successful high school students, regardless of their economic background,” Kostell said.

Instead of applying to college within the course of a single year, the coalition’s tools will allow students to start the application process much earlier in high, according to the CAAS website.

The coalition is looking to “recast the process of applying to college as a culmination of students’ development over the course of their high school careers,” according to the coalition website.

UVM plans to implement the online system for students enrolling in fall 2018, according to the release.

Besides making the college application process easier for high school students overall, the action plan is intended to address what may be stopping students from attending college.

It also aims to bring in more students from diverse backgrounds and get students to start thinking about college earlier, according to the coalition’s website.

Many students who can enroll in college won’t participate in the application process if they come from poor families or minority groups, according to the website.

Sophomore Emily Smith said the application process wasn’t too tedious and applying early action to schools made the decision-making process easier.

“I did have a college counselor help me through the process and decide which schools would fit me,” Smith said.

Schools that are part of CAAS include public universities and private universities.

Public schools must have “affordable” tuition and need-based aid for in-state students.

Private colleges and universities must have “sufficient” financial aid to meet the needs of all domestic students they admit, according to the coalition web- site.

Coalition schools are proven to have a much higher graduation rate, with at least 70 percent of students graduating within six years, according to the CAAS.

UVM’s current graduation rate is 75 percent, according to the University website.