UVM students ‘come out’ in drag

An unexpected number of people filled the Living/Learning Center’s Fireplace Lounge, ready to watch UVM’s first Drag Show, hosted by the Rhythm and Brews Coffee House in collaboration with the No Boundaries Program, on Thursday, Oct. 28. Performers that night included Kings Local 802, New Cocks on the Block and a few UVM undergraduate students. They entertained the crowd with the moonwalk, break dancing, pelvic thrusts and occasional distribution candy and shirts that had “binaries are a drag” written on them. While dancing and lip synching to songs such as *NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye” and Britney Spears’s “Oops!… I Did It Again,” the performers received laughter and applause from the audience. The audience took part in the show by singing to parts of some songs as well. “We have been wanting this to happen but didn’t get a chance to until now,” leadership coordinator of the Rhythm and Brews Coffee House Gretchenrae Callanta said. “We decided to have it to bring more attention to drag culture since drag culture and transgender topics aren’t really talked about in the LGBQTA community and are often overlooked.”  “Our intention was for those groups to ‘come out’ and be proud of their identity,” she said. Even though the performers that night were only expecting about 10 or so people to come, they were still very enthusiastic about the show and were ready to put on their best performance, Callanta said. “I enjoyed all the performances … they were very entertaining and de-stressing,” sophomore Hang Nguyen said. “The ‘Dick in a Box’ performance made me laugh so hard.”  “Putting the drag show together took a lot of time and effort … and it was cool to see the final product of all that effort,” program director of No Boundaries and performer that night Jessie Dawson said. “The whole point of the show was supposed to be for people to have fun … and seeing so many people come to the event made me happy.” The program wanted to end LGBQTA history month with a ‘big bang:’ the drag show, Dawson said.