UVM STYLE: What to Wear This Fall

The time has come to put away the Frisbees, flip-flops, beach towels, shorts, and other summer paraphernalia. It is officially fall, and the time for jackets, vests, blazers and the rest of the crew is upon us. For some of us, it is the most exciting season of all. Fashion is at its best, a myriad of new styles arrive by the truckload. Magazines have been showcasing the new looks since last spring, and the time has finally come to take the looks from the flat, cold pages to real life.

For the last three weeks of summer, I stared at the sweaters in my closet, wishing for the heat to go away and make room for cooler times. Especially the cashmere blend wrap sweater I bought in June…yes, June. Mmmmmm…hot cocoa and cashmere. Does it get any cozier than that? These days I’m wearing my black thick stitch corduroy blazer. It is truly beautiful… no, sublime. It is perfectly crafted, everything from the princess cut to the oversize resin buttons scream Edwardian Vixen (if ever there was such thing). I have other blazers because, as you will see, blazers are almost always a “do”.

Jackets can be very trick: a canvas jacket is so handsome on a man, but an oversized industrial looking windbreaker makes me want to die. They are so unpersonable, they really have no character. How many people on campus have North Face waterproof jackets? See, that is my point.

Unless it is absolutely necessary, it is best to avoid these fabrics and stick to richer, more luxurious ones, like wool, canvas, velvet and corduroy. Especially velvet, it is THE fabric to wear this Fall. Vests are awesome. They are so quirky, so ’70s. They really do jazz up anything you are wearing. As long as it is colorful and snug, not one of those oversized, over inflated bizarre garments that put the Michelin man to shame. If the weather calls for such a thick outer layer, then your arms should be covered as well anyway.

My parting words will focus on another key component of fall fashion. While I do not have the time or space to explore this, I will however make something very clear. Just as you do not wear bathing suits and long johns, you do not wear jackets and flip flops. I have seen this far too many times. It is ridiculous and makes no sense. There is no way in which you can be comfortable on a rainy day in temperatures of 45 degrees or less wearing flip flops rather than shoes. On any given fall day, I see more white toes and purple toenails than I want to. It just really does not make any sense, both in terms of practicality and fashion.