Vermont Life outside of Burlington

A while back I went on a great fishing expedition with my buddy and his father. We went way out in the middle of nowhere Swanson under the Singing drawbridge. We had three round Styrofoam containers of night crawlers Canadian worms, fishing poles, brown paper bagged sandwiches, cigars and a nice summer day. We baited up the hooks, casted out our lines and sat down on the warm rocks. For the next four to five hours we didn’t talk, save “pass the worms” or “must have been caught on the bottom”. I knew that our minds where pouring out into the lake as the waves gently splash the rocks, and the water reflected rays of the white sun. The wind would pick up, and blow a warm Vermont breeze into our faces; the smell of lake-water filled up our noses’.I was thinking of a girl and how I had brought her pink wrinkled roses that rainy night before. I felt so stupid. She didn’t even like me that much, but I wanted her to know that I cared. It was my over active imagination taking me off to a wonderland of making out and love. It’s every boy’s daydream. As soon as I gave her the flowers I knew she thought I was stupid. She was more interested in being popular and public drug abuse then having a serious conversation. A fish tugged my line. I was there for hours and this was my first bite. I reeled her in quoting lines from “Jaws”.”Wet the line! Hopper stop playing with yourself and get over here!” we all get excited that someone has gotten something. I reeled her in, and it was a Perch about four inches long. I pick the hook out of her mouth, and toss her back in the lake.We sat back down, and I baited my line, and went back to staring into the water. I sat there sucking up the good life. I let my thoughts and embarrassments soak into the water. The rest of the day had the same level of excitement. It was such a perfect Vermont day with the deep blue sky and white clouds shadowing the green fields. I can see the green in the trees and the black glimmering water and I can feel the wind blowing under the Singing drawbridge. Thought I might share a little summer in this long winter.