Weekly Downtown Nightlife

14th Tuesday: Radio Bean Caf?©: Conjunto Guagua (Afro-Cuban/Brazilian), 6 PM: This is the kind of thing college kids are supposed to do. Listen to something different, drink coffee, and stay seated. Good for those who really like to chill, as well as those who enjoy good music.Nectars: Bluesday Feat. Bob Mackenzie: This dude plays the guitar behind his head, random local artist sit in all night, and the Swing club that takes over the dancehall sometimes makes the party. RiRa: Pub Quiz 8pm Get a team, get crowded into an “authentic” Irish pub, and pretend that makes it okay to get wasted like Irishmen while playing a huge quiz game. Red Square: DJ Demus (Dancehall Reggae): Go to Red Square and get up on the dance floor!

15th Wednesday:The Waiting Room: DJ A-Dog (Hip Hop): Dress nice, bring money, and act like a F*&%#*g rock star. The furniture is all geometric and uncomfortable, a Waiting Room lemonade is like $9, but you’ll definitely have a good time.The Monkey Bar: DJ Demus (Reggae): More subdued than Demus at Red Square, but if you would rather not be bumped into after waiting on line, come to the Monkey Bar.Manhattan Pizza: Open Mic: You never know what you’re gonna get. Its an open mic.

16th Thursday:Coyotes: $2.50 margaritas: Delicious, cold, salty, Tequila filled Margarita’s for only $2.50. Oh, and they have Mexican food too.Red Square: Three The Hard Way w/ DJ A-Dog: By far the best Hip Hop night in Burlington. A-Dog holds it down, Three The Hard Way are fun, everybody’s looking good, and the weekend is just starting. Now lean back… lean back.Halverson’s: Big Joe Burrel: A Jazz legend who everyone should go watch. The back bar is lovely with good weather, and Big Joe is a master at that ill blues shit.RJ’s: DJ C-Low (hip hop): RJ’s has really good hip hop music, perfect for dancing. But there is no dance floor. So if you’re relaxed enough to listen to really good beats but not be able to move, come here for the weekly specials.

17th Friday:RJ’s: Hip hop, reggae, dancehall DJ: Again, there’s no way to dance to the really good music they play. RiRa: DJ Corey spins hip hop, and Bass Ale sponsors a night of Irish debauchery.

18th Saturday:Nectars: Peter Prince and Moonboot Lover w. The Nich: I don’t know who they are. But Moonboot Lover is a really funny name. The Waiting Room: Concentric: Crazy Jam band music. If you like that type of thing, go.19th Sunday:Nectars: RJD2 w/ Diplo, and A-Dog: This is gonna be the best night of the week, but I doubt you can go if you don’t already have tickets. If you do, good work.The Waiting Room: Arts Project VT: A weekly mixture of art, music, and the waiting room. Don’t wear a dirty T-shirt.Metronome: Sunday Night Mass: Dance around like a jerk and get down to some Techno/Trance music. Shiny clothes optional.

20th Monday:The Monkey Bar: Music Machine: Awesome experimental hip hop. Freestyle’s that are actually interesting, and if you have any skills you can probably rock the mic yourself for a minute.Red Square: Grippo Funk: Really, really funky funk music. And DJ Nastee throws in some cuts.