What to expect when you look to Tinder to find love


In case anyone was still unsure, Tinder is 100 percent a hookup app.

I would know because I went on a Tinder date for the first, and probably last, time.

Talking on Tinder is odd. There are some people who just want to get right to the hooking up part. There are some who never reply to messages.

And then there are some who are way too persistent and end up friending you on Facebook an hour after you start messaging them.

After sifting through the various creeps on Tinder, I found a guy who didn’t seem so bad.

We decided to meet up for coffee at Muddy Waters, and the first part of the date was pretty good.

We talked about school and summer jobs and internships and, you know, date stuff. Then we walked down to the waterfront to watch the sunset.

I haven’t done that in years, so that was a surprisingly lovely part of the evening.

Then we went back to my room and started making out a little. And to be honest, I wasn’t really feeling it. Like, at all.

So I told him to stop and explained that I don’t have sex on first dates, which isn’t untrue.

And, like any normal human being should, he stopped when I said it.

Then came the mansplaining. In case anyone was wondering, according to my Tinder date, he’s a good guy, so he won’t do anything.

But I should be really careful about Tinder expectations because he has heard some real horror stories.

He won’t try anything, even though he could, because he’s a nice guy, but I should just really be careful about bringing guys back to my room.

I think I was in shock a little bit because I had a million snappy comebacks running through my head, but the thing that came out was: “I’m writing an article about you for the newspaper.”

Then he left.

So if you want a straight hookup, look at Tinder. If you just want to make out with someone, find a boy or girl at a party and go to town.