Where to Get Your Grub On

It is extremely difficult to sit through an entire class and pay full attention to the professor when you have a slight suspicion that your intestine has begun to digest your stomach.

It’s a safe bet that you’ve all unsuccessfully attempted to disguise your growling stomach as a cough or perhaps a vibrating cell phone. So, when class finally ends and you dash out of the building, a new predicament faces you, where to go for lunch. There are a variety of dining options across campus. These range from short stops for grabbing a snack, such as the Waterman Caf?© or the Delehanty Deck, to the two all-you-can-eat dining halls which carry a wide selection of food.

If you want to get a relatively healthy lunch, you’re best off going to Cook Commons where you can get a Planet Healthy wrap or salad. They also carry plenty of pre-packaged salads, fresh fruit and soup. Cook is also great for grabbing a cup of coffee or a bagel before class. If you’re not concerned with having a healthy diet, Cook makes a mean quesadilla, complete with salsa and sour cream. They also feature a daily special, which can be anything from a pasta dish to a meatball grinder. The service is usually good, however be prepared to wait in long lines during peak hours.

The dining halls on campus aren’t bad, but if a situation arises in which you must choose between Harris-Millis or Simpson, most definitely go with the latter. Simply put, Simpson Dining Hall is better. It’s larger, the food tastes better, and it’s easier to sneak bagels out of.

The best pizza on campus can be found at the March?©, but make sure you get it right when it comes out of the oven.

Another quality item found at both the March?© and Cook Commons is a Freshen’s smoothie. Although the smoothies are rather expensive, they provide healthy refreshment on hot days. Next time you’re ready to grab a bite to eat, think twice before heading to Harris-Millis and hit up the Atrium. Although their hours aren’t exactly practical, you can get a round meal at the Atrium and use your blocks as point equivalent. The Atrium is the only on-campus dining facility that allows you touse blocks at their point value.

Simpson Store opens at 6pm and is home to the Sub Connection, which used to be located at The Underground. A well kept secret of Redstone campus, Simpson Store carries both groceries and hot meals.