Where to order from

Exam cramming, sickness or just a late night craving, college will always require times when you want to order food in.

Off or on-campus, ordering food is a strong college tradition rooted in late nights and limited food options.

Wings and pizza are popular favorites, but Burlington has more to offer.

Here are the best places to order food straight to your door:  




For pizza delivery, Leonardo’s is king. A local business that uses fresh  ingredients and has lots of creative pie options including vegan and vegetarian.

It’s clear from the taste and quality that this isn’t any old fast food pizza. The cost is a little high but there are usually coupons floating around  campus and delivery is always timely.




Hana Japanese Restaurant is a sit down restaurant located in the Blue Mall in South Burlington  but it also does deliveries.

There is a $30 minimum, so this would be a good option for group ordering. Hana offers a wide variety of solid sushi options and classic flavorful japanese dishes from teriyaki to tempura.  




Mr. Delivery is a service that gets food to you from many restaurants that don’t have a delivery option.

Someone will pick up your order and you pay a small fee for them to deliver it to you.

This can really broaden your options if regular delivery places aren’t your style.

Ordering a thai burrito from my favorite burrito joint, Bueno y Sano, to Redstone campus was only $5 plus the price of the burrito.

If you have a bad craving but don’t want to leave your room, this is an excellent option.

The website and app are straightforward and easy to use too.

Ordering in straight to Bailey/Howe will make any study session better.