White Powder

Ah, cold weather. Every year around this time it happens. A summer of skateboarding and dreaming is brought to a close by a single chilly evening. Nights like this can only mean that the snowboarding season is right around the corner. Killington should be opening soon and we should all be hitting the slopes for the first time in a few weeks. Some things about weather are the same every year, but this year some things are different. Being a new student at UVM means all sorts of changes for my snowboarding. Most of us have a new state to represent, new home mountains, and an entirely new scene to learn about.

In the last few weeks debates have been heating up about the pros and cons of Jay Peak and Stowe. Some people are of the opinion that the longer commute to Jay is a small price to pay for the most snow in the east and a much cheaper seasons pass. Other kids believe that money is not an issue when it comes to having a world-class resort like Stowe as their home mountain. This column might be slightly biased, but when Stowe with its plentiful backcountry, legendary tree runs, and incredible park is virtually right down the road, picking another mountain is not even an option for me. With so many options within relatively easy after-class-driving-distance you really can’t go wrong. Before coming up here I knew about all the mountains but I was in the dark about the whole Burlington snowboarding scene.

Unbeknownst to many of us, UVM harbors some Hollywood handrails which have been made famous in dvds such as Forum’s “True Life.” Within the first few days after my arrival I realized that there would be no problem finding people with whom I could hit up the resorts and session the various handrails around town. UVM seems to have no shortage of crazy skiers and riders who are willing to throw down.

Burlington is home to Burton Snowboards and the Burton team will be coming through here soon. If you haven’t got all your gear yet, head down to Talent or B Side to get 50% off last years gear while it is still there. Danny Kass and the Vans snowboarding team were skating the park at Talent and signing autographs. All in all, Burlington seems to have a good mix of sweet skate spots, unique snow/skate stores, smooth handrails, and interesting people. First impressions don’t always ring true, but I’m confident that Burlington is a cool snowboarding town.