Wings fight with fire


Approaching the Billings Lecture Hall at 7 p.m. last Tuesday night, students were greeted by the pleasant aroma of spicy and sweet sauces. Wingsfest was back!


The UVM Wingsfest has been going on since 1997, with all the local companies of Burlington attending providing samples of their wings. Some of these companies include: Mr. Mike’s Pizza, Wings over Burlington, Big Daddy’s and Manhattan Pizza and Pub.


Owner of Big Daddy’s Cheech Kohoe, was confident about the quality and taste of his wings.


 “Big Daddy’s will definitely win,” Kohoe said after when about who he believed would win the tasting competition.


Each company offered a selection of wings to try while enjoying an assortment of music. The entire Billings building was turned into a wings eating center with tables all around cluttered with paper, wings plates and even some applications for jobs at the companies present.


The event’s organization went smoothly because of the interest of the attending wing-makers.


“The event wasn’t too hard to organize, most of the companies have gotten into the routine of attending,” event organizer Grace Thompson said. Thompson was working for the Inter Residence Association, which sponsored the event this year. 


The event took about three weeks of preparation to organize where it will be held and to get into contact with all the companies, Thompson said.


Ultimately, Wings Over Burlington took home the coveted prize of the best wings in the Queen City.