Yearly orgasm talk keeps them coming

A line curls out the door, down the stairs and through the hall, clustering eagerly around a table of sex goodies and the seats of the Grand Maple Ballroom.

The UVM Program Board hosted a yearly tradition: I Heart Female Orgasm Sept. 14. The event manifests as a semi-educational, semi-comical program focused on exploring the subject of female pleasure.

In a “tongue and cheek, humorous way,” IHFO teaches “sex ed with a new twist,” Katie Stango, assistant director for Campus Programs, said.

The event uses laughter to facilitate conversations around sexuality and inform students about their health.

“There’s always the question about how to talk about sex; you’re adults, and it’s different,” Stango said, “It probably won’t be your high school sex ed.”

Speakers Dorian Solot and Connor Timmons broke down almost every barrier about sex create during the awkward teen phase.

They discussed masturbation, the g-spot, female empowerment and included a few sensual tips from the superhero Clitora.

The program was originally designed for a women-only audience, but quickly garnered interest from all genders. It now includes anyone who wants to know a little bit more about getting those Os for themselves or the special girl in their lives.

“Let’s take a moment to appreciate the diversity here tonight,” Timmons said.

“A key to Wednesday’s program was that ‘every cookie is beautiful,’ Solot said.

Diverging from the typical discomfort of the penis-vagina talk, “the best thing about it was that everyone in that room wanted to be there,” first-year Julian Lathrop said.

As part of the updated program, Solot and Timmons included small gender-based group discussions in which first orgasm stories, myths about what women like best and advice on keeping things safe were shared.

Spreading the word through social media, resource links, merchandise and print copies of step-by-step pleasure instructions, IHFO didn’t miss a beat in creating a well-informed audience.

As the final smiling faces turned out the door for the night, Solot told them cheerily, “truth is, the best conversations will happen after you go home tonight.”