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The events of the weekend

April 18, 2017

Front steps of FIJI house.

Front steps of FIJI house.



Front steps of FIJI house.

Complete timeline of events surrounding the investigation of Phi Gamma Delta

After Seller interviewed Reichhelm on Saturday’s events, she said she was able to gain information that there may have been some hazing at the fraternity that night, according to police reports.

During Seller’s interview, Reichhelm said he was “the most drunk he had ever been.”

He said he had gotten drunk because some FIJI members had pressured him to drink. Reichhelm accused the fraternity of hazing, the police report stated.

Reichhelm walked down to the FIJI house Saturday with fellow sophomore pledge Mike Hoaglund, he said.

Reichhelm told investigating officer Denise D’Andrea that some members poured a large amount of alcohol into a cooking pot and told the pledges to drink it.

Reichhelm noted that he was not forced to drink, but that if he did not, another pledge would have to finish the drink for him, according to the police report.

“It would be like punishing ourselves if we did not drink,” Reichhelm said in the interview with D’Andrea. “You want to be friends with them and to be a part of them, so this is the way you do it.”

In his statement, Reichhelm told D’Andrea that the night before, he and nine other pledges had lined up in the basement of a FIJI member’s apartment and passed the pot of alcohol from pledge to pledge until it was empty.

A third pledge stated that members had “stressed that if anyone did not want to do this they did not have to,” according to documents obtained by the Cynic.

On April 14, Reichhelm said he acted alone in stealing the flag in September.

D’Andrea did not respond for comment.

Reichhelm said he remembered getting a call from FIJI members after he stole the flag. Later, they told him that they had to drop him, Reichhelm said.

Members told Reichhelm that turning himself in would help the fraternity, as the organization could not be tied to “the flag drama,” Reichhelm said.

After Reichhelm stole the original flag, Brown and his partner Amy Huntington sewed a new flag with the Black Lives Matter flag on a Pan-African flag.

I’m really grateful we did something that was groundbreaking and much more forward than any other institution in this country.”

— Bev Colston, ALANA director

“I’m really proud of the response from the institution, from SGA, Pat Brown and his wife,” said Colston, reflecting on the University’s original decision to fly the flag and Brown’s replacement after the first was stolen.

“I’m really grateful we did something that was groundbreaking and much more forward than any other institution in this country,” she said.

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