Diggin’ in the crates

WRUV’s Music Director, Brooke Morrison says:

Here are five albums to celebrate the end of the school year from DJ Bill Murray! Have a great summer and be sure to czech out these sweet jams:

Cut Copy: In Ghost Colors


It’s summer, wanna get dancey? Australian electro-pop at it’s finest, these Melbourne natives recently dropped their junior release to much acclaim. If you want to get your moves on without the drum n’ bass this album might tickle you pretty. Check out the title track and “Lights and Music” for the albums best dance tunes.

LCD Soundsystem: Sound of Silve


Having a dance party? These New York natives have already done half the work. Fronted by the founder of the dance-punk label DFA and accompanied by the guitarist from Hot Chip, there is nothing in the formula that’s not adding up. Give “Us v. Them” and “Get Innocuous” a shot if you’ve done your stretching.

The Flaming Lips: Soft Bulletin (Warner Bros.)

Grab some doses and your carefree attitude for this one. Wayne Coyne’s signature psychedelic lyrics and electronic fizz makes this album a gem for the car trip to the beach. Features some Lips classics, such as “Race for the Prize” and “Buggin’.”

My Morning Jacket: It Still Moves


The sun still sets in the summer, and when it does, it will be worth your while to throw on some slow Kentucky rock. Jim James belts out many reverb-laden lyrics that will massage your sunburned bones into a mellow bliss. This is the perfect album for a thru-play.

Dr. Dog: Easy Beat

(Park the Van)

Philly natives and Springfest openers, these guys do Beatles-influenced rock like Aunt Jemima does pancakes – need I say more? Give “The Pretender” and “Say Something” a good listen for starts.