Here for your viewing pleasure

The Roxy Cinema

Why don’t people go to the movies anymore?

Films viewed on the silver screen are insurmountably better than on a dinky television screen and there’s nothing like the collective experience of going to see a film where everyone hates it or loves it.

The Roxy offers quality films for just $5 before 6 p.m. and $7 thereafter. Cinema is a spectacle, so go and appreciate it in its complete glory.


Do you already know about these magical little applications?

With bittorrents you can download music, movies, TV shows and computer games FOR FREE! Just google it to find out how use them, and go to to find them. However, be warned, our school’s computer network has busted students for using these.

Internet Web sites

You’ve probably heard of TV Links, the godfather of sites of this ilk. TV Links’ owner David Rock’s arrest last year did little to stop a myriad of other sites that host movies, TV shows and cartoons going pro bono.

Now these sites are a dime a dozen. “Everyone downloads illegally,” said sixth-year senior Brett Burk. “Yesterday my class watched an episode of “South Park” illegally through a Web page.”

The sites, and will get you started.

The school library

In the depths of the school library basement lies a group of movie nerds whom like nothing more than to give you movies for free. The library has over 5,000 DVDs and over 5,000 VHS – there’re even a few laser discs thrown in there for flavor.

Media Specialist Lori Holiff said, “the library is a wonderful resource; one of the best collections in the state, if not the best.”

If you’ve got a couple hours between classes and don’t want to head all the way back to the dorms, you can always watch a flick at the library. Watch out for the $5 late fees!