Mr. Hedberg, we hardly knew ye

Julia Wejchert

Do You Believe in Gosh?

Mitch Hedberg (Comedy Central Records)

4 Stars

Filling the void created by his untimely death in 2005, comedian Mitch Hedberg’s recently released Do You Believe in Gosh has the bittersweetness of any posthumous release, that comes from the chance to revisit a missed artist, but only with the stipulation that that visit is a limited one.

Hedberg’s life was cut short by a drug overdose in March of ’05 after releasing only two comedic albums – not nearly enough to represent his weight in the funny industry, although they did help him to gain a cult-like following, making Gosh his third such album.

Filled with almost 40 minutes of previously unreleased material, Do You Believe in Gosh doesn’t stray far from the quirky, quick-witted style that Hedberg was known for, but it shouldn’t – what is the point of a posthumous release if not to celebrate the things that made the artist so wonderful, and get to revel in said things for a little while once again; it’s classic Mitch.

Especially in Hedberg’s case, in which time was the only thing lacking, because it certainly was not creativity or demand, a new CD release is fantastic because it allows both non-fans a chance to discover a great comedian, and hardcore fans to have a bit more of Hedberg’s signature wry one-liners that they’ve been deprived of in recent years.

Separated into 13 tracks, Gosh is better listened to straight through, in order to experience the full effect of Hedberg’s unique persona, but that is not to say that each track is not worth listening to in its own right. Hedberg was, after all, known for his short quips, and they are still the emphasis of this release.

With bits ranging from a clever interaction with an audience member named Phil, to commentary on the advantages of hot air balloons, the material on Do You Believe in Gosh provides the unprecedented chance to see the mundane world through Mitch Hedberg’s hilariously eccentric viewpoint once again.