Nothing New in Chopper City

Album Review
B.G. and the Chopper City Boyz
We Got This(Koch)
2 Stars

One of the definitive clichés of mainstream hip-hop is the “posse album,” in which a successful artist uses his credibility and namesake to push an album, full of hisless-qualified friends (a.k.a weed-carriers) and their two bit rhymes.

“We Got This” is former Cash Money protégé, B.G.’s effort to solidify this hip-hop rite of passage with the introduction of The Chopper City Boyz. The title is somewhat misleading, as B.G.’s presence on the album is minimal, leaving much of the rhyming work to the under qualified Hakim, V.L. Mike, Sniper and Gar.

Instrumentally, the album is slammin’ New Orleans Trunk Funk the epitome of the southern hip-hop movement with its minimal musicality and booming basslines.

The David Banner produced lead single, “Make ‘Em Mad” appeals to the MTV crowd and hip-hop dance floors nationwide. The tempo of the album remains hyped and ready to go from beginning to end.

The true downfall of the album is the outstandingly mediocre rhyming on behalf of The Chopper City Boyz. It is as if each member picked his favorite worn out declaration of street superiority and decided to beat it to death.

V.L. prefers the size of his package on “Never Had” as he proclaims, “They say V.L. big and they say I’m long. They complaining ’bout the different ways they walkin’ home…”

If you’re looking for lyrical quality or innovation, you won’t find it between the various claims of how “hood” The Chopper City Boyz are. But if you are looking for a record to blast on the system and get hyped for a night on the strip, look no further.