Duff hour a must

It’s Thursday afternoon, you’re convinced this balmy 17-degree weather will never end and you’ve only got $5 in your pocket. So, what do you do to cheer up? You put on your parka, call your best friend and head to the Three Needs.

For years, Three Needs was located on College Street, right next to Finnigan’s. But after losing their lease, they moved their microbrewery and taproom to Pearl Street, into the old Parima restaurant.

They offer the most popular and fun happy hour in Burlington: duff hour. Simpons’ fans will want to check this out because between 4 p.m. and whenever the keg runs out every day of the week, the Three Needs offers $1 draughts to sip on while you watch – you guessed it – the Simpsons. It’s packed almost every day, so get there early before the keg is tapped.

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