Vermont Tech Jam builds networks

Kelsey Neubauer, Senior Staff Writer

UVM students and graduates gathered to learn how they could be a part of the New England Technology scene.

The Vermont Tech Jam took place at the Sheraton Hotel in Burlington Oct. 23 and 24.

The event brought in over 60 technology exhibitors ranging from Vermont Medical Center to GameTheory in Burlington, according to the Vermont Tech Jam website.

Among the contributors to this event were UVM’s College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences and UVM Alternative Energy Racing Organization.

The event was brought to the community in large part by Seven Days newspaper, said Jenn Karson, lecturer in the College of Engineering and Mathematical Science.

The event is mainly a networking event, she said.

“Networking is a big deal, even if some folks don’t think it is compared to some other majors,” said senior Max Hoover, an engineering major at UVM.

Half of the jobs that engineering majors land after college are from networking through internships, he said.

Amongst the local attendees was keynote speaker, Michael Shirling, who is best known as the Ignite Executive Director located in downtown Burlington.

There was also a student Science, Technology, Math and Science showcase, which consisted of projects from elementary, middle and high school students from around Vermont, according to the website.

The showcase allowed students to build 3D models of historical buildings, according to the Tech Jam website.

Senior Adviser for Innovation Policy at the White House Dan Correa also attended the event.

He discussed innovation in an urban setting and how this is getting done and can be done throughout America, according to the website.

Along with the presentations and networking opportunities, the event provided a way to educate the technology community about new innovations.