A call for all techies

  Today’s generation of college students generally rely on network and technological advancements in order to connect with the modern world. Now, the University is turning toward its students for help in progressing its technological infrastructure. Current students can apply to receive funding for a technological initiative through the Technology Innovation Fund (TIF), a press release from the Office of the President stated. As seen on the myUVM webpage, students can obtain grants of up to $250,000 for a proposal that would advance the use of information technology, multimedia and information resources at the University, the TIF website stated. Interested applicants must submit their proposals by Jan. 15, and decisions will be made by the TIF committee on Jan. 31, the website stated. Proposals will be evaluated based on their concurrence with the goals set forth by the TIF, their possible benefits to the UVM community, upgrade potential and ability to generate new funds, according to the website. Each proposal submitted must specify which goals and objectives of the TIF would be met and include a list of beneficiaries from the student population, the website stated. After a proposal has been accepted, and within three months of the project’s completion, a summary of the venture will have to be completed, which is to include an abstract and the expenditure summary of the project. Further information on applying for funds from the TIF, as well as project expectations, can be found on the TIF website at http://www.uvm.edu/~cems/mathstat/TIF/?Page=policies.html.