A fashion don’t: skirts over jeans

For various reason, I ask myself is the trend worth trying out? Every time I see this trend paraded around on campus, I find myself asking, “what went wrong?” Than I start actually admiring the outfit, one ghastly example after the other. Sometimes I felt like it’d be easier to scrap the idea altogether. However, I decided to adopt a moderate stance: if you’re going to mix two of the most sacred articles of clothing in the fashion dictionary, at least try to do it right. Here’s how:1, Stick to your dress size. Contrary to popular belief, there is a style out there for every body type. But don’t expect that skirt to act as some kind fashion umbrella, shielding the world from the fact that your pants are clearly two sizes too small. Embrace your body type, don’t run from it. 2, Wear the right type of pants. You cannot (I repeat, NOT) wear denim jeans under a skirt and expect to get away with it. Skinny jeans are an absolute must. Or, you could take the plunge by scrapping the skirt altogether and going for a tunic. 3, Be creative patterns and colors, but keep it simple. Parading every design out there known to man will end up looking way too jumbled. This means no mixing polka dots, or stripes to bold prints. Stick to one or two similar prints only.